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Our Programs

Our Programs

Find the best program from Orbit Future Academy and skill up yourself

The Orbit Way

Job Placement

Individual Solution

AWS re/Start

AWS re/Start is a free competency development program that can enhance your career in the Cloud computing field.


Coming Soon!!

Orbit Guru Merdeka

Scholarship program for Indonesian teachers that is eligible limited to 3.200 teachers.

Institutional Solution

Sekolah 4.0

This is a transformative CSR Program to improve school teaching skills to the global standard. The certificate program is the first collective program.

AI 4 Jobs

Artificial Intelligence has become a large part of people’s lives. The world in which we live is dependent on AI and always has been. The world needs a skillful generation.

AI Mastery

AI Mastery 4 Individual is Artificial Intelligence Program for everyone. With two duration options, you can become part of this program!

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