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Sekolah 4.0

This is a transformative CSR Program to improve school teaching skills to the global standard. The certificate program is the first collective program.

The Orbit Way

Job Placement

Sekolah 4.0

School 4.0 is the CSR transformative program to improve teaching skills to the global standard.

This program is the first certified collective program from industry experts, which collaborated with Intel, Microsoft, Cultus, and Orbit Future Academy to transform schools & improving teaching skills to empower youth with Industrial revolution 4.0.

The program comprises six elective courses that can be chosen according to the offers agreed upon by the donator and presented to the school partnerships without fees.

Let’s be part of the national movement to develop a better human resource needed for the future Industry, both for job creators and job seekers.

What did you learn?

Artificial Intelligence(AI for Youth)
  • Understand AI and basic statistics
  • Learn Python programming
  • Learn data acquisition and preprocessing image
  • Learn model building and OpenVino Toolkit
  • Learn how to use OpenCV
  • Learn presentation skills
Cloud Computing Foundation
  • Understand cloud computing
  • Learn AWS standard features and pricing
  • Learn how to create a proposal to offer a cloud solution for the company
  • Learn how to create presentation slides and conduct presentations to convince the prospective clients
Effective Storytelling Using Videos
  • Learn to create a storyline and storyboard
  • How to make videos with Microsoft PowerPoint from start to finish
  • Learn advanced animation techniques and principles
  • Find high-quality resources for video and animation projects
Data Analysis & Forecasting
  • Learn Basic Statistics & principles of data analysis
  • Learn how to summarize & present data using PPT.
  • Effective design principles when creating and presenting data
  • Learn presentation skills to explain data and forecast data using Dashboard Reporting
Digital and Social Media Champion
  • Grow business online from scratch
  • Social media marketing and analytics: Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin
  • Learn copy writing & strategy for beginner: post / blogs / podcasts / video / and google SEO
  • Learn creative design on social media using smartphones and free software
Web and Mobile Designer UI/UX
  • Understanding the basic concept of human-computer interaction
  • Critical thinking and user interface design
  • Beautifully designed web and mobile project using modern tools (Figma)
  • How to make a fully interactive prototype
  • Motion design with Figma: animation, motion graphics
Effective Telemarketing
  • Learn verbal communication and the Four Es’ of strong voice calling – Expressive, Enunciate, Engage, Energize
  • Learn the core elements of effective telephone sales
  • Learn active listening skills
  • Develop script and pre-call planning
  • Understand how to handle the objection
Essentials Of Computer Networks
  • Understand network topologies
  • Set up a small office router/switch
  • Understand VPN concepts
  • Configure basic wireless settings
  • Apply security concepts
  • Explain how firewalls work
  • Understand the OSI model and do basic subnetting
  • Perform simple troubleshooting
Coding For Gaming
  • Learn the concept of algorithms and logical thinking
  • Learn basic programming
  • Create mini-game

Registration Steps


Registration via the website


Contacted by the Orbit Future Academy’s partnership


Commit to joining the School 4.0


Schools are registered: as partners and put on a waiting list.

Schools that are registered as partners are expected to be contacted again.


Called back to socialize the implementation of the program


The program starts for +- 6 months

Who is this program for?

  • Diploma or Bachelor Degree
  • Have min. 6 months of working experience in the IT Industry
  • Have access with the following minimum specifications:
  • Intel Processor i3/AMD 3, RAM 4GB, 500 GB hard drive internal/external, webcam, mic, speaker
  • A Stable Internet Connection
  • Currently not working
  • Not Studying Full-time in any course or school
  • Have a Full-time from 9.00 until 5.00 WIB every Monday until Friday for Three months
  • Ready to work immediately after completing the training (If get a job is offered)
  • Indonesia Citizen or Permanent Resident

What benefits will you get?

Free & Certified Program

The program offered is free without any fees. Many variations of the program do we offer to provide international standard certification valid for life.

Become a Partner of Orbit Future Academy

If any of our clients want to do a CSR program, we will inform the partner school of Orbit Future Academy.

Become a Sponsor for Partners

Partner schools can submit sponsorship requirements to Orbit Future Academy if they are already partner schools.

Our Learner Testimonial

Fiqri Maulana Arokhman
Student MSIB AI 4 Start-Up Batch 1
The program is fun, taught from the very beginning so that people who are new to this field can follow along. At the end there is a final project, where we look for problems that can be solved by AI.
Rinno Novaldianto
AWS re/Start
The AWS re/Start program helped me master the fundamentals of Cloud Computing and apply them by working as a Cloud Support at VibiCloud (a cloud solutions company).
Arya Dwi Pratama
Student Kampus Merdeka Batch 2
Apart from the knowledge gained, the advantage of participating in this independent study is that we also make friends and add relationships that can help us towards a better future. Class coaches who are always ready to help if you are unclear in doing the assigned projects. Thank you to Orbit Future Academy for the knowledge provided.
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